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2008-09-02 21:48:59 From: Seldon (Seldon is back)
Town murder

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THE LAGOON by Eve Fisher

From "Hitchcock reasoning magazine"

Yves Fisher
Seldon on translation

To clarify the TJ - Theodore James Olsen - what kind of a figure, has two nothing. I used to see him and his wife, Irma About Millett club at lunch time pacing. In fact, because They hole bloated like a fat turkey for Christmas Eve on the table, so I should say that They body rocking into the club. They go through the service desk, the phone ringing in the club sounded, when TJ loud and said: "His mother, your phone why I do not carry a pistol, shot collapse out you?" figure out TJ is the sort of person to another, is to imagine a no humanity chunky pier.

T.J. had never flattering. But in this town of Ruskin, pleasing not one of the essential qualities of residents. Because almost all the Norwegian-American Lutheran believers from childhood education to all polite, never to let others know what you think his terrifying. The benefits of this approach is that most people are very polite, friendly. As for the bad aspects, in addition to your neighbors you really never know, those annoying guy forever and will not be punished. You can only suffer in silence those guys, like is long Nanxiao the drunken side effects. A reckless guy can escape punishment in all things.

T.J. is not unbridled. He also have concerns, he is very smart business, his brains, majesty, and with a very fresh, own through whom all things are managed everything. He appeared on each committee of the town, and did not hesitate to assume management responsibilities. New people will soon find that they have to face this man will dwarf the next square head, Panasonic chin, and then on to explain since they had to do something (not a few), say (a smaller number) votes cast (basis having his instructions). In short, TJ Everything processing order.

However, in TJ to run for mayor, he eventually was karma. He granted that, since he gotta deal with the size of the town things he can do to fulfill the mayor post. His campaign slogan is "the best job, the best Ruskin." Everywhere he pasted campaign posters, advertised in every Monday to all residents clearly in his mind: he wants your vote . His wishful thinking without success. Instead, we elected Sam Johnson, the mayor. Johnson docile character, and also because of this, everyone likes him.

If say TJ furious after the election results were announced, like to say that the big sow love a temper do not appreciate you caress her cub kindness. About a week's time, he did not speak and work outside the circle of people, he Shoudi Xia employee - he runs a local timber mill - have to ask ourselves why God selected them to withstand the punishment? The TJ's hate extent extreme, prompting Irma to go out to visit her sister in Texas - the consensus view is "It's good for her - wife flee but even more incentive TJ, he immediately return to past the old look, extremely annoying, but it is normal. Some people suspect that he has accepted a lesson.

Soon after, TJ announced a decision, he wants Howard lakeside land purchased pig, piece of land or when he had married and Irma buy. They say, the TJ becomes rich, and they want a piece of land to build buildings big house. But because to think TJ head the rich want Bitangnade ยท Trump the (famous real estate business in the United States, Translator's Note) more money, making room intention never come true. Instead, they stopped in that piece of land vehicles old trailer, then there over the last two weeks every summer. Daytime, TJ fishing, Irma read paperback romance novels in the side; night, two of them in bed, "combat", two weeks days so had lost. All in all, this piece of land idle behavior not a waste of money, especially in land tax is growing up now. Or at least TJ announced pig plan an excuse. In addition, he also said that he always wanted to own pig. The comment was made that, T.J. perhaps is a close relative of the pig family.

Now, if TJ just want to raise two pigs in that piece of land, no one will say gossip. TJ hand in an application form, and you want to get a permit to build pigsties. That means, he recuperate on at least one thousand swine, not to mention the the swine, call out the noise and Crotalaria pig urine stench. Howard Lake Ruskin twelve miles outside the town of two hundred yards from TJ's a piece of land to build houses. Quite obvious, TJ has been pondering understand how to punish the Ruskin Town residents not to elect him mayor of error. However, TJ never want to understand their own life in a democratic kingdom. Residents began jointly signed a petition to protest TJ's pig plan, everyone in a petition signed by his mark. TJ the matter was referred to the investigation committee of county residents to continue to the county protest, the end result is TJ's application was rejected.

If you think that this will be able to let TJ stop, then you simply do not know him. He sued the county commission of inquiry to court, claiming they have no right to be rejected simply because the opposition of neighbors. He is entitled to the pig, this country which laws and regulations prohibiting pig. Soon convene a hearing, the results still TJ disappointed. So he sued the county government, start advertising, calling on all freedom lovers to join his struggle against the autocratic government. We think this is to say they just want to pig TJ unfounded nonsense.

We also believe that T.J. too far. You can prejudice the peaceful life of the town residents, but you can not sue the government. Not only because the Government has been, or like reasons, but because you do not want to get into trouble. It is an unwritten law. So, we are extremely horror watching TJ at first lost the county government's lawsuit complaint, then the complaint to the district court, and lost the case, and finally the lawsuit went to the central court.

At this point, we are beginning to wonder, TJ in the end is what. Why he absolutely determined to pig it? "One night, John Davidson Nuosi Man bar to ask this question, there is no one answer to be had. After all, lawsuits cost money, and TJ is still in two fuzzy image of TV channels with an antenna to watch, and the money to pay for cable TV's basic fee. So, who is paying for those ads? Some people think that is backed by a militia - Freedmen organization in behind him, however, no one knows why they pigpen. Other people think, which large pig in looking for opportunities to enter the county. No matter which faction they are greatly surprised. We have tolerated TJ lifetime, but we are sincerely opposed to his pigsty plan, for different reasons, but mainly because of the septic pond.

TJ explained very detailed, and the septic pond system has a structure on the stability of the swine excreta can be decomposed into a liquid fertilizer is ideal fertilizer for nearby agricultural crops. Septic Tong 100,000 gallons of pig excrement. "This is everyone's response. News, said TJ has dug up a septic pond to begin construction of the pigpen. He now simply wait for the pig in place. The T.J. arrogance is the last straw. Not only did not support him, and did not even pay him any heed. Many went to Herman town even Sioux Falls town to buy wood. How he refused to give up, even if he suffered a defeat in the central court. Instead, he went to the Supreme Court of Appeal.

April gloomy weather, rain misty day, the Supreme Court heard the appeal case of TJ. We are full of concern. If TJ win the lawsuit by virtue of the technical details of how to? If excessive rains, streams overflow again, like 93 years how to do? If TJ win the lawsuit, and raised from a pig, built septic pond, and excessive rainfall, the stealing of how to do? The pressure has been tightened, until John Davidson and his brothers (they do have explosives, idle, but also the minds of criminals) decided that the only solution is to go out to blow up TJ septic pond and pigsties, as John explained afterwards , "at least to pull down the back that turtle grandson."

The sound of the explosion could be heard throughout Raskin town. TJ's that piece of land, pigsties bombed to a pile of wooden sticks, mud and brown dust clouds, John afterwards said that the sound is very satisfying. Then, the size of the debris, sawdust, mud, nails and tan muddy water from heaven falls radius of a very wide, John Davidson and the brothers nearly died nails under. Many dregs fall to the septic pond, like playing on a rubber ball, sink and bounce, but eventually had to sink to the bottom.

When the surrounding settle down, few look at the guy ran out of a ruins, the result was almost a heart attack in astonishment. Septic pond in brown muddy water, a floating corpse. A woman's body. Life the first time in the Davidson family take the initiative to call the guy who called the police, and this time, police did not arrest them. They arrested Pierre Town TJ, handcuffed him back to the town of Ruskin.

We never know the reason TJ murder Irma. He argued that his momentary insanity, then Bijin mouth, refused to express any opinion. He still mouth shut, sat in prison on death row.

With John Davidson Nuosi Man bar one evening to point out the insider, we are now at least understand the motivation of the TJ. He is not a pig, but to the construction of manure pond. The stench that place is the best place to hide his wife's body. We want, the more plus shudder. We begin to move your feet, rubbing his chin, secretly look around. "Now, there will not be other people trying to have done such a stupid thing." John said hastily, everyone nodded in agreement.

However, the next day, a new petition to spread throughout the town of Ruskin, content is prohibited in the county to build pigsties, everyone signed petition. This is a gentle way, so the temptation to stay away from those who can not cope with the difficult situation of mortals. They may not know their own bottom line, we clearly.